What Others Say


Laura is an excellent massage therapy professional . . . Her sincere demeanor and respect for her patients is refreshing – not to mention her massage therapy dissolved my neck pain and headache completely! —Lauren L

Laura’s been my massage therapist for several years. I can no longer go without her myofascial and deep tissue work after the hard workouts I put this old body through. She’s the best I’ve experienced. —Robert, DC (2013)

I have worked with Laura for six years. I practice calisthenics, self-resistance exercises, and yoga to build and maintain health and strength. Laura’s unique combination of skill, knowledge and experience in strength training, massage therapy and coaching has provided vital support to my personal fitness program…Now at age 62, I am leaner and stronger than I was 10 years ago thanks in large part to Laura’s guidance and encouragement. –Doug

Laura is a terrific personal trainer. Her knowledge…is so thorough. She pays complete attention to what she is doing during training and is very professional. I visit her studio which I find very suitable to one-on-one focused training…She is very thoughtful in designing a workout and inspires me to work harder and longer than I would do myself. –John W

Laura is a skilled and experienced personal trainer who provides highly personalized routines and exercises. As someone who spends most of the day sitting at an office desk on a computer, I have benefited immensely from weekly sessions with Laura, and am considerably healthier as a result. –Jim, attorney, DC

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