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The more research we read, the more we know that regular exercise is important to our long term health and daily wellbeing. It increases our energy, agility and strength, helps us lose weight, and can reduce the symptoms in some chronic conditions like arthritis and low back pain.

I have been a Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS) through the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) since 2005. I have worked with adults of all ages and interests—from folks improving their skills to enhance their sports performance, to people old enough to become challenged by normal activities. Many of us are in between these groups and want to remain healthy, and perhaps develop our athletic potential.

When you come in we will discuss your needs and goals, and I will create exercise programs to help you meet and exceed them. As a team we will increase your overall strength and stamina, improve your balance and the speed of your reflexes, and extend the range of your flexibility to make you less prone to injury.

Our exercise sessions will engage your major muscle groups in varying ways that will give you the greatest long term benefit. We may borrow exercises from yoga, pilates, dance, gymnastics, strength and speed training. Our tools will use your body weight, and may include using balls, weights, kettlebells, rings, a pull-up bar, straps and more – we will be creative at your level of fitness in ways that you enjoy.

While personal training benefits people of all ages and abilities, I am sensitive to the special needs that we all have-whether you are new to exercise, need to manage a medical condition, a disability, or are recovering from illness or injury, I have studied the training challenges required to help you manage and improve your health. My office is accessible for those of you who have physical challenges, and I provide free off-street parking.

I encourage you to maintain your training between scheduled sessions and I am happy prescribe a routine if you are interested. I also offer healthy lifestyle coaching sessions.


Personal Training:  1/2 hour session  /  $50,  1 hour session  /  $90

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Laura is a terrific personal trainer. Her knowledge…is so thorough. She pays complete attention to what she is doing during training and is very professional … more   – John W

As someone who spends most of the day sitting at an office desk on a computer, I have benefited immensely from weekly sessions with Laura … more – Jim, attorney, DC

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